Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The right time to come to us for your dream kitchen

The perfect time to approach us so that we can design the perfect kitchen to the best of our abilities and without any compromises in your ideas is during the time of planning. If you are constructing your house from the ground up or just redesigning your home keep us in your mind as well when you are approaching  your architects. Following aspects might hinder your choices to your perfect kitchen

  • Construction of walls 

The walls that are constructed make the foundation of the kind of kind of kitchen you will want. An open kitchen without any doors overlooking the living area.

  • Placement of doors

 The placement of the doors and windows accommodates the light and the ventilation of the kitchen as well the entire look of the design since its placement will decide the space available for cabinetry

  • Placement of plumbing and electrical points

Since the plumbing and electricity points are given when the plans of your house are being laid down it is important that you have plan of your kitchen on the ready so that you don't have to compromise on the vision of your kitchen because of a few misplaced switches and pipes. The water points are required for not only your tap points but for your water purifier as well. The electricity points for the placement of chimney, fridge and other appliances will be fixed as well and if there are not enough points there is a possibility that you will not be able to put the appliances you want.

The earlier you start out with the planning of your kitchen it guarantees not only to save you time and money but  that your kitchen turns out to be exquisite and to your exact requirements and wants.