Thursday, 19 December 2013

Drawers versus baskets

Baskets were the first step in the world of modular kitchen. That was more than ten years ago. The mechanism that is replacing baskets is that of drawers run on channels. We can compare both these mechanism on their following traits
The baskets run on telescopic channels which are open channels because of which dust may enter the channels making the working of the channels scratchy and in time diminishing its ability to function. Now drawers run on closed or concealed channels thus there is no risk of any dust particles hindering the working of these channels.  
Baskets -0 / Drawers-1
Working life
The ball bearing channels on which the baskets run have a working life of less than three years because of its open channel mechanism as well as the fact that they are made of a weaker material than that of the drawer channels. When we come to drawers the inotech channels used in them have a life time warranty and have been tested by their makers to last more than 80,000 slides.
Baskets -0 / Drawers-2

Load bearing capacity
The capacity of a basket running on ball bearing channels is a maximum of 30 kilos static and 25kilos moving. On the other hand a drawer and its channel can bear a maximum of 50 kilos while static and 45 kilos while moving. 
Baskets -0 / Drawers-3
Functioning quality
The channels that the baskets work on don’t allow the smooth noiseless working that s assured by the channels on which the drawers are running on. The ball bearing channels get stuck and uncomfortable to work with. The working of this mechanism is made even more uncomfortable by the problems added by the bottom less baskets that has small objects sticking out of them. The drawers with their smooth working and soft close mechanism lead to a mechanism that works seamlessly.
Baskets -0 / Drawers-4
Material of composition
The baskets are made of 202 or 204 grade steel that are rust proof. The drawers are made of waterproof and fire proof ply wood.
Baskets-1 / Drawers-5
Through this comparison we can come easily come to the decision that the higher price that one has to pay for the drawer mechanism is worth superior quality that comes with it. Thus making it the suitable choice for a sensible and stylish kitchen


A designer is a trained professional with the technical skill as well as the designer eye to provide you with a functioning masterpiece. Hiring a designer is equal to consulting an expert of a field.They have a finger on the pulse of the designing world through exhibitions, magazines, their own working experience and their interaction with other professionals. These qualities of the designers make them the perfect people to polish the vision of your dream kitchen into a high end design. They know the different finishes and styles in the market that can be incorporated in the design of the kitchen to make the vision of your dream kitchen a reality.  The first and most important aim of a designer is to provide the client with a perfectly functioning space with intelligent space solutions. They have the technical knowledge of hinges, boxes and other components and accessories involved in the construction of a kitchen which ensures the smooth running of all the parts of the kitchen. Though the knowledge of every component involved in the construction of a kitchen is freely available in the market but the process of the collection of this information in its entirety is not only a tiring but a highly complicated task. But in the end all this hard work would still not equal to the knowledge gained by a designer through experience and practical work. Their onsite work helps them develop solutions to problems that are faced when fitting a kitchen. They know the changes that would have to be made to the shape and size of a kitchen in order to tackle the unusual construction anomalies of a building. The difference of just a few millimetres is what comes in the perfect functioning of a kitchen.
What a designer does is convert your vision into an aesthetically appealing and perfectly functioning space for your living and work.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Maintenance and care for your modular kitchen

The strength and longevity of anything that you purchase depends partly on the quality of the product and the rest on the care that you show towards your purchase while you are using it.
A modular kitchen like any other machine requires some maintenance so that you can keep it's function ability to the maximum. These few tips will help you not only in taking out the optimum usage of your kitchen but ways to prolong its utility:-

  • Clean the filters of your chimney
    The air that is sucked through the filters has reminisces of smoke and steam like dust and grease that get stuck in the filters and if they are not cleaned out will hinder the suction capacity of the chimney that you are using. thus it is advisable that the filters of the chimney that can be easily removed are cleaned at least once a month so that it can function to the best of its abilities.
  • The water area of a kitchen
    Thought he aluminium covered panels of the sink area will help in avoiding any rotting but a continuous flow of water on any kind of material can be detrimental thus take care that no faucets under the sink are not leaking. the continuous flow of water may cause the panel to rust and thus lead to breakage if exposure to a flow of water is continuous.
  • Drawers in your kitchens
    the maximum capacity that a modular kitchen drawer can hold is up to 70 kg but when you lean on it when you are trying to access something on a higher or lower level it loosens the channels on which it is running. when any person leans on the drawers the channels on which they are running are bearing a weight that is above their local bearing capacity and thus may lead to the loosening of the fitting and if done continuously may break.
  • Panels of a modular kitchen
    Try and not put a lot of body weight on the panels of the kitchen as well. for instance if you are leaning on an open panel that is on hinges it is not equipped to take your body weight and thus it might hold for a few times but eventually the hinge will be dislocated from its box and you will have to contact your kitchen dealer to get it fixed.

    if these few suggetions are taken into account a modular kitchen 

Modular Kitchens myths debunked!

Whenever you are thinking of building your new kitchen and are leaning towards a modular one a lot of myths that have been circulating the market due to incomplete information clouds your mind with doubt about the strength and utility of a new product. The questions that generally arise are:-
  • ·         Are modular kitchens strong enough?

The answer that question is a definite yes since the carcasses of the boxes which are the basic structure of your kitchen are made from 18mm water resistant and termite proof plywood. This material is not only easier to work with but also can be easily assembled and dismantled thus if ever you are shifting your kitchen can be re installed in the new location.
  • ·         What about the water area of a modular kitchen wouldn't it rot due to continuous water flow?

Through our experience and taking in advice from different experts we put panels near the water area that are made of aluminium thus are rust proof. These panels are removable thus you can make sure that they are always clean as well.
  • ·         There is not enough storage capacity in a modular kitchen

While the modular kitchen is being made and the drawers are being put there are different channels of different companies like MARS, Hettich etc that allow weight loads up to 50 kg to be put in each drawer.

The modular kitchen is an amalgamation of smart design and beautiful finish that equips it to handle the harsh and unpredictable environment of an Indian kitchen.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The right time to come to us for your dream kitchen

The perfect time to approach us so that we can design the perfect kitchen to the best of our abilities and without any compromises in your ideas is during the time of planning. If you are constructing your house from the ground up or just redesigning your home keep us in your mind as well when you are approaching  your architects. Following aspects might hinder your choices to your perfect kitchen

  • Construction of walls 

The walls that are constructed make the foundation of the kind of kind of kitchen you will want. An open kitchen without any doors overlooking the living area.

  • Placement of doors

 The placement of the doors and windows accommodates the light and the ventilation of the kitchen as well the entire look of the design since its placement will decide the space available for cabinetry

  • Placement of plumbing and electrical points

Since the plumbing and electricity points are given when the plans of your house are being laid down it is important that you have plan of your kitchen on the ready so that you don't have to compromise on the vision of your kitchen because of a few misplaced switches and pipes. The water points are required for not only your tap points but for your water purifier as well. The electricity points for the placement of chimney, fridge and other appliances will be fixed as well and if there are not enough points there is a possibility that you will not be able to put the appliances you want.

The earlier you start out with the planning of your kitchen it guarantees not only to save you time and money but  that your kitchen turns out to be exquisite and to your exact requirements and wants.