Saturday, 6 July 2013

Modular Kitchens myths debunked!

Whenever you are thinking of building your new kitchen and are leaning towards a modular one a lot of myths that have been circulating the market due to incomplete information clouds your mind with doubt about the strength and utility of a new product. The questions that generally arise are:-
  • ·         Are modular kitchens strong enough?

The answer that question is a definite yes since the carcasses of the boxes which are the basic structure of your kitchen are made from 18mm water resistant and termite proof plywood. This material is not only easier to work with but also can be easily assembled and dismantled thus if ever you are shifting your kitchen can be re installed in the new location.
  • ·         What about the water area of a modular kitchen wouldn't it rot due to continuous water flow?

Through our experience and taking in advice from different experts we put panels near the water area that are made of aluminium thus are rust proof. These panels are removable thus you can make sure that they are always clean as well.
  • ·         There is not enough storage capacity in a modular kitchen

While the modular kitchen is being made and the drawers are being put there are different channels of different companies like MARS, Hettich etc that allow weight loads up to 50 kg to be put in each drawer.

The modular kitchen is an amalgamation of smart design and beautiful finish that equips it to handle the harsh and unpredictable environment of an Indian kitchen.


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